About Us

We belong to a generation where everything works in a fast-forward mode. We are living in an age where every decision is spontaneous and these impulsive decisions lead to revolution. The Internet is the invention of modern and high technology science. It provides us with a medium to connect with anyone in the world. We at Home Broadband Service aim to provide you the best available Internet service so that you do not have any problem reaching to your loved ones irrespective of where they live. Home Broadband Service is one of the largest Internet Service provider in India. Though there are innumerable Internet service providers we try to provide you with the advanced and reliable service and these services include much more than just Internet, we also deliver cable and telephony service.

Home Broadband Service does not compromise on the quality of the service. Anyone can set up a corporation but only a few can deliver what a customer actually wants. Internet provided by our company will not be sluggish or the Cable will not be distorted. We know the importance of quality in the life of a customer and we strive to provide it to you. Our company is the combination of both old-school business values that believe in customer satisfaction and advanced scientific approach that enables us to keep you up with newfangled ways of the world.


We are so dependent on the internet that we can’t imagine our life without it. The worst thing that can happen to our generation is when the server doesn’t load the desired webpage or buffering while binging on Netflix or continuous disconnection of call while video conferencing with a friend or in between an online interview. All of this can happen due to various reasons but the most prominent one is the lack of speed. Most of the Internet service providers are not able to provide you the desired speed hence resulting in unsatisfaction in customers. We at Home broadband service thrive on the high-speed we provide, with the fibers reaching your neighborhood.

It’s easier to brag about the high download speed but not so much about the upload speed. It is a long struggle to upload videos on Youtube or other sites which constitutes numerous failed attempts. Most of the company do not even bother to discuss Upload speed but we on other hand dare you to take a speed test and see the efficiency of our company for yourself.

And last but not the least we provide you with the cost-efficient service that does not compromise on the quality.


This clear vision with the focus on creativity & reliability is the key to its outstanding success. We want to be your favored choice when it comes to your cable or internet service. In this world of technology, we want you to trust us with your needs and demands and let us provide you with the best. We aim to please and gain your support through high-grade service and quality content.

Every member of Home Broadband Service team is hardworking and efficient. They are trained to provide punctual and customer-pleasing service. There are no delays and false promises. The main focus of each and every member of our team is customer satisfaction. We have opted for a sustainable and profitable business model that helps in the consistent growth of the company and advancement in technology.

Any doubt or query can be solved through customer service available to you. You can call or just ping us on our website, your query will be solved in no time. As the name itself suggest, we want you to be as comfortable with us as you are at your home.

Contact info

Customer care – 8506995999
Email– info@hbsnetwork.net
Add– 190, old house munshi market sihani Ghaziabad